The Next Gen Question

Because of my job I get asked a lot which console to get, Xbox One or PS4.  I personally am not getting either for a while.  There are bugs in both and after the 360 fiasco with the “red ring of death” I’m not jumping into anything.  I am currently on my third Xbox 360 after two systems went red ring.  Also there are no games on either system that I can’t live without yet. 

So what have I heard as a dev?  Well speaking to industry friends that have worked on titles such as Call of Duty: Ghost they say the PS4 runs at a higher rez.  I was told this is completely Microsoft’s fault because they refuse to allow devs to use the resources allocated for the Kinet.  Even if the game doesn’t use Kinect functions they won’t budge.  So the Xbone will always be second rate compared to the PS4.

So when the time comes (and it will) for me to buy a next gen system I will without question get a PS4 first followed by a Xbone.  If I had to choose only one I would go PS4.  There, that’s my opinion.

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