Better Late Than Never

I finally bought a Nintendo Switch. 

I've never been a Nintendo guy, I was Team Sega.  Master System, Genesis, Dreamcast, that was my jam.  Nintendo was always I little too family friendly for my liking.  I wanted games with an edge. Ironically though the Nintendo games I loved were freakin' Pokemon & Animal Crossing which aren't very edgy at all. haha

But the Nintendo Switch is different.  As we all now know it offers loads of games from all kinds of developers & it's super convenient as a hand held or living room console.  So I wanted one.  I'm a sucker for special editions and jumped on the Animal Crossing Edition when it went up for sale at midnight.  Luckily I got one!  Now I just have to wait for March. But I'm pretty excited to finally get one.

My girlfriend was not impressed.  She said it looks like it's for babies. But I explained to her that the cute raccoons on the dock are Tom Nook and his nephews.  He's basically a slum lord asshole that takes all your money.  lol

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