Arrrrrrggggghhh!! Internal Office Moves

I just wanted to say that I absolutely hate not having an office at work.  I understand all the studios are into the touchy feely team environment but I find it to be so unproductive.  Everyone chatting all the time, I have to live with my headset on just to focus.  The open office space environment is sold as, "We want you to be surrounded with your fellow teammates" but I feel it is really "We'd like to keep an eye on you." and I find it insulting that they would feel they need to.  I'm not a kid, I know I have work to do and why I'm at work.

Ubisoft Toronto is all open office environment.  There is just one "office" in the entire place and that is for the studio head.  So I try and manage but Ubisoft does something I've never seen any other studio do and that is move your desk about every 4 months.  I truly have no clue why they feel the need to do this.  So you get yourself into an area, and a workflow.  You get use to the people around you and figure out a way to be productive around them.  Then POOF! A few months later you're moved to a new location with new people and have to do it all over again.  I've got to be honest it enrages me.

I would assume Ubi's logic is that as the team size and structure changes they want people to sit near people relevant to what they are working on, but this is not necessary.  Especially in our current day and age it absolutely does not matter where you are sitting.  There is email, there are messenger services, there is video chat, and Ubi has them all available to keep people connected.  So why to they still feel the need to rearrange my environment every few months??  AAAaaaarrgggghhhh!

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