Monday, July 16, 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

So I play around making gaming videos but it’s not really popular.  Recently I wanted to give YouTube streaming a try and also wanted to give the game Car Mechanic 2018 a try so I did. 

Is it fun to watch someone work on a virtual car??  Is it like watching someone do virtual taxes?  Well you be the judge.  haha

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Will Game Services Ever Think Globally?

Does anyone else find it strange that big global companies like Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, etc. don’t think globally?  As a game developer you move a lot and not necessarily within your country.  Very often people move to different countries to work in the field. 

So let’s say you move from the US to Canada.  When you moved you certainly aren’t going to buy all new consoles, & why would you?  Maybe you will when you find your Sony and Microsoft accounts don’t transfer across borders.  You can no longer add money to the accounts to buy games because you have a US account and you can't use your new credit card with a Canadian billing address.  Calling them for help you’re told nothing they can do.  And don't think buying a points card will work, codes only work in the country of the account. Meaning if you have your US Sony account and you buy a points card at a Canadian Best Buy the code won't work.

Blizzard is the same, if you made a US account you cannot change the address to Canada to buy loot crates or items in your Blizzard games.  Steam allows you to change countries but recently changed their policy so you cannot gift games to other countries because of “regional restrictions."  So forget buying that game to your relative back in the States over Steam.  It’s not just game services.  Most online stores will only allow you to ship to the same country as your credit card’s billing address.  This makes holiday gift giving a nightmare every year.

Ironically the companies blocking you from using things across borders hire game developers from all over the world.   They will come and encounter these limitations on the very systems they are developing games for.

As the world get smaller and smaller game services should change to meet the needs of people that don't stay in their hometowns their entire lives.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Why Instagram Sucks

I find Instagram to be a little useless for anything beyond sharing pictures of your lunch.  This is really frustrating because my Instagram posts get way more exposure than my Twitter account.  The main problem is the lack of a link support.  I can post a picture of my YouTube thumbnail, lovingly crafted in  Photoshop and easily get a hundred likes.  However this does not equal views on the video because while I can type out the link address in the picture description it is not clickable.  Also viewers are not able to even copy/paste the address.  This makes it virtually useless to help promote anything on YouTube or anywhere.  There is a one available link in your profile description but again that is useless to promote any individual thing.