HEY! I Can Still Draw!

We've been in crunch at work so I haven't had much time for anything however I did get some time to fix my Wacom tablet. The way Windows 10 handled the stylist was driving me nuts but I finally got it working really better than it ever has.  So I took some free hours to enjoy a functioning Wacom and see if I can produce anything.

Many that know me don't know that I graduated from art school with honors so I was on my way to be an artist.  Unfortunately I thought I would to into advertising which I quickly hated and got diverted into animation and then into game design.  So it's bee awhile since I did any drawing beyond some doodles.

I just started free handing a sketch and I feel I got it to a nice place.  Maybe I should switch back to art.  Felt really good drawing again.

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