Time to Announce a Squanchy Career Change

I'm pretty excited to share that I have accepted  a contract role as a Senior Level Designer for Squanch Games to work on an unannounced title.  You may know Squanch Games as the company started by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick & Morty.  Their most recent shipped title was Trover Saves the Universe which I personally loved.

Also in more exciting news since I've chosen to work remotely here in Toronto.  Because of this I needed to start my own corporation due to international legal mumbo jumbo. So I registered one in Ontario and called Dark Arts Development Inc.  That technically this means I've also created my own game company!  So far 2020 is looking pretty exciting.

I'd also like to thank Ubisoft Toronto for inadvertently forcing me out of the dead end job doldrums I was stuck in while working there.  Making the same title again and again and again, that's the stuff which crushes your creative soul. So thanks for not caring and good luck to those still trapped in the Ubi "game factory."

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