Quick $0.02

Today's Quick $0.02 is regarding a game I saw called The Floor is Jelly.  An ironically named game where the floor is jelly. I've never played this nor do I really plan to because the design looks awfully basic.  Just watching the video I thought of several interesting ways the game could have been improved.

For instance the game allows you to spin the world however in doing so the trees and items on the ground don't react to the rotations.  It's like the floor is stone rather than jelly.  I would have expected them to bend towards gravity which would make things more interesting if not more challenging.

This thought lead me to further see that the wind in the screenshot blows leaves around but not the trees and in blowing the trees it would make the jelly ground ripple and create waves making height timing jumps more difficult.  I think it would have made an interesting dynamic.

Like I said I've not played this game but I really hope that there are things like falling rocks or other events that create ripples and challenges that push the basic design idea a little further.

And that's my $0.02.

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