So I've Been Broken

During my holiday break I stepped off my brother's deck and broke my arm.  It wasn't anything cool like I was drunk or something.  I just couldn't see in the dark and thought I knew where the steps were.  The trouble was it happened in the States  and my health care was Canadian.

So I went to the hospital and they did a cheap temp patch with a sling that got me through the week.  Once I returned to Canada I went to the doctor which referred me to the hospital, which referred me to the specialist.  By the time I saw the specialist two weeks had passed.

The specialist saw my arm and was like, "What the hell? This is healing all wrong. We need to do surgery today." So that afternoon (on a Thursday) they re broke my arm,  added three titanium screws, and performed the surgery.  This time I woke with a big, heavy, cast with a piece of metal running through it.

The Friday after I wanted to cut my own arm off and basically just slept and took pain pills.  Monday I felt I could work so I went in.  Ubisoft was much less enthusiastic.  Since I couldn't hold a game controller or use my left hand for anything they wanted to know why I was coming to work at all?  So I got sent home on short term medical leave

Medical leave was not something I wanted to do.  For one thing I think I could work just fine, hell I'm typing this with my right hand.  The other reason is you only get 66% of your wages while your away.  So I thought heck with it I'll just relax, play some games, and maybe learn a new editor like Unity.   ...but I can't hold a controller or use the WASD key to play games, and my PC is an old Pentium 4 so it won't run Unity. 


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